Thursday, June 17, 2010

Garden Goodies

One of the things that makes turning leftovers into gourmet meals so easy and "fun" is the availability of fresh herbs and vegetables that we are able to grow in our "Square Foot Garden" just outside of our townhouse. Trust me, it's quite a feat to be able to grow veggies in a space that I always considered too small to even hold a small table and two chairs! But Mike worked his magic, building two 4 ft. x 4 ft. beds, and we've been able to get an amazing amount of produce from this small space!

These pix were taken on Sunday, and I've already picked most of the red tomatoes shown.

These next pictures really are a source of pride. I was thrilled to see our corn growing as well as it was, especially since I regard all of our gardening, and a lot of my cooking, as a "Great Experiment". Believe me, my pride-filled ego isn't hurt any by remembering that when we mentioned to a professional gardener that we planted corn in our small garden in central Florida, she laughed and said "Good luck with that!".

And just to show you I'm not kidding about this being a small space, and right next to the house...look at our AC unit next to our garden!

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